Exact Tile's Presentation: Reliable Shower Construction

Thank you for attending the RELIABLE SHOWER CONSTRUCTION presentation at the KnoxCon on June 27th, 2018, brought to you by Exact Tile! I hope you enjoyed the presentation and found something useful for you. Here are some useful information and links for your future reference:

Power Point Presentation

Here is an adapted version of the The "ACT" Way to Build a Reliable Shower presentation:

Educational Webinar Archives from the NTCA

These are archived educational webinars offered by the National Tile Contractors Association) to their members. If you are so inclined to listen to these topics from tile installer's perspective, these technically-oriented presentations might be just right for you:

Exact Tile Inc

The presentation at KnoxCon 2018 was sponsored by our lovely friends from Exact Tile Inc. Clicking their logo below will take you to their website, exacttile.com:


108 Hayfield Rd, Knoxville TN 37922
Phone: 865.693.1298

TCNA Handbook for Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation

This handbook is often referred as the bible for tile installation in North America. Purchase your copy for $39.90 at the NTCA's online store (tile-assn.com) by clicking the handbook image below. There, you will also find additional industry literature of interest:

Tile Contractor Finder

Teaming up with qualified tile contractors is critical for a sucessful, reliable shower construction. To avoid costly headaches, It's a good idea to only work with certified tile setters. Work with local tile contractors of solid reputation such as Exact Tile, or use the contractor locator link below to find a CTEF (Ceramic Tile Education Foundation) certified tile setter or a NTCA member in your area:

HOLLSPA Floating Shower Bench

This is arguably the ultimate reliable product for the shower, merging durability, function, accessibility, easy-to-maintain, strength and architectural value. Learn more about the HOLLSPA Floating Shower Bench here:

Linear Wall-To-Wall Drain by Quick Drain USA 

These days there are many new linear drains in the USA market, enabling curb-less showers with single-plane slope. Drains by Quick Drain USA do something no other competitor does: it can be adjusted on site to extend from wall-to-wall, capturing 100% of the water when placed at the shower's entry point.

Additional Information

Thank you for attending! For feedback on the presentation or for more information, I'm always delighted to hear from you, answer a question or point you to a direction where you might find it! 

Looking forward from hearing from you!

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