Bath & Spa: Design / Renovation


The story often begins with a humble and aging bathroom in need of repair or a total make over. Knowing that some changes are required can open the door to discovering the hidden potential of your bathroom. 

Our clients love the innovative design ideas that we bring to their projects. They appreciate how we take advantage of the renovation to plan for many years ahead using universal design concepts and low maintenance materials. And they enjoy every minute of our crews’ work creating their prized new bath/spa!

Case Studies:

Typical Costs:

Our Typical Bath Design & Renovation Process

STEP ONE: On-site Consultation

  • Explore the creative possibilities for your project
  • Create an "on the spot" conceptual sketch for your bath/spa project
  • Discuss the project time frame, budget, and other relevant details
  • Formalize the Design/Planning Agreement for your project

STEP TWO: Comprehensive Site Survey

  • Detailed measurements and "before" photographs
  • Visual assessment of plumbing, electrical and HVAC conditions
  • Look for structures and utilities behind the walls

STEP THREE: Conceptual Design / Budget Meeting

  • Build your conceptual bathroom by reviewing our comprehensive checklist of features and functions
  • Control your bathroom cost by navigating our range of choices in design, functions, and specifications

STEP FOUR: Field Trips

  • Together pay a visit to a tile showroom for a cup of coffee, tile selections and design
  • If exotic marbles are specified, visit one of our preferred warehouses for reserving slabs
  • Visit a plumbing showroom for more extensive viewing of selections if needed

STEP FIVE: Construction Planning Meeting

  • Finalize all specifications and design
  • Complete the project cost breakdown
  • Start ordering all finish materials
  • Commit to a construction schedule

STEP SIX: Construction

  • Bring all finish materials and construction supplies to the site
  • Cover, protect, stage construction area
  • Follow construction timeline

STEP SEVEN: Completion

  • Provide you specs and warranties, and maintenance kit
  • Review care instructions and maintenance plan
  • Take "after" photographs/video
  • Maintenance tune-up at twelve months from completion

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