Micro-Mosaic Technique

Micro-mosaic refers to a technique of creating mosaic artwork using tiny stones of 1/4" diameter or smaller. The small sizes allow for an incredible level of detail not otherwise reached using mosaics of standard size. This technique is especially suited to artwork where an image originally created in another medium (a painting, a photography or another type of still image) is transposed to a mosaic art format. 

Case Study 1: Chariot Racing




  • Inspiration
The idea for the mural came from the "Chariot Racing" at 1882 painting by Alexander Von Wagner currently at display at the Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester, UK.

  • Strike-Off
To make sure the clients would be fully satisfied with the final mural, we first created an 18"x18" sample for approval. The complete work would be contingent on our clients' sign-off.

  • The Wall Preparation
The curved walls were framed and covered with Schluter Kerdi-Board-V, a grooved substrate panel designed to create curved elements. From there, we skim coated the surfaces using a customized screeding radius guide, for a perfectly rounded surface ready to receive the mural.


  • The Installation
The mural was assembled off-site, then rolled up and transported to the job site where it was split into manageable sections and installed, grouted and sealed.
  • The Final Mural
Accommodating a double showerhead, two floating benches and a pair of shampoo niches, the mural became the focus point of this walk-in curbless shower flanked by four classic columns.

Case Study 2: Fish Pompeii

  • Inspiration 
During a trip to Pompeii's famous buried floor mosaics, our clients felt in love with the mosaics depicting the sea life shown below, and requested us to adapt it to fit their new kitchen's backsplash:

  • Design
Through several steps of Photoshop work, we created a composition to the scale and proportion of the kitchen backsplash:

  • Execution
We then transposed the digital artwork into micro-mosaic form in the shop, and brought it to install, grout and seal on site: 

At Holland Bath & Spa, we can transform your abstract or figurative image into a timeless micro-mosaic art piece! Contacts us using one of the methods below with your idea to get started!


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