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Customized Benchtop Fabrication Drawing

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We offer our Customized Benchtop Fabrication Drawing as an add-on to the purchase of any of our bench bracket systems. Its ultimate result is a Customized Benchtop Fabrication Drawing for the fabricator of your choice.

Please let us help you design your customized benchtop in the perfect material, shape, and style, to fit your exact wellness shower retreat style and personal preferences. You will enjoy a restorative shower experience lounging on your own personalized floating bench, created just for you, for many years to come!

The Design Process

1. You will be asked to complete our Customized Benchtop Checklist, to take inventory of your project and personal requirements.

2. You will then book a Customized Benchtop Design Meeting with one member of our Floating Bench Design Team. During this meeting, we will recommend benchtop fabrication materials, dimensions, and other parameters to meet your vision and needs. Together, you and our team will develop a conceptual design for your custom benchtop, including shapes, edges, and any other relevant details.

3. We will translate this conceptual benchtop design into a Customized Benchtop Fabrication Drawing, which you can provide to your designer, contractor, or fabricator.

4. Upon request, we will print and mail you a Custom Benchtop Full-Size Template (optional included service).

May I include my team?

Yes! Once you purchase the Customized Benchtop Fabrication Drawing, we will send you a checklist to help you prepare for our online meeting.

Many of our clients discuss this checklist with their teams, and invite them to join our Customized Benchtop Design meeting.

We believe that the best ideas start with the collaboration of different minds. We love co-creating unique benchtops with homeowners, designers, and fabricators!

What materials can be used?

Your benchtop can be made of any material of suitable strength and with proven performance in wet environments.

While we extensively work with quartz, teak, and solid surface, many other materials may also be used on your benchtop: natural stone, precious gems, porcelain, mosaics, and more.

Who can fabricate my customized benchtop?

Once your Customized Benchtop Drawing is created, you can take it to your local fabricator, or ask us for a quotation to fabricate it for you.

We strive to create one-of-a-kind benchtops that perfectly meet your ideas and needs, created just for you! Our capabilities include the fabrication of benchtops in the following materials:

• Engineered quartz.

• Teak and exotic woods.

• Natural stone slabs: with and without stainless steel support plate reinforcement.

• Solid surface: flat or three-dimensional, in single or mixed colors and materials: mosaics, semi-precious stones, and more...

• Any other suitable material that you'd like to explore!

How are customized benchtops attached?

Your customized benchtop will be attached to any of our HOLLSPA support brackets, using the epoxy materials included in the bracket system package.

Our simple 3-step installation process allows the benchtop to be installed at the very end of the construction process, once all the heavy-duty construction activity is finished.