Meet Davis Holland

Davis’ path to become an accomplished architect, universal design professional, tile/stone specialist, and visionary inventor can be traced back to his childhood’s free time spent beside his dad, a German high-school science teacher, experimenting with indigenous materials around the house. One of these early explorations was the fabrication of sun-dried adobe tiles formed on hand-made frames at age five. Those original tiles are still intact in the family home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Davis built his reputation as a design-builder of luxury bathrooms over three continents, focusing on transforming the ordinary bathroom into an oasis of relaxation and wellness. To this practice, he brings a solid knowledge of tile, stone, and universal design principles.

But above all, Davis is a visionary inventor, always looking for innovative ways to improve the bathroom user’s quality of life. The HOLLSPA Floating Shower Bench is the most acclaimed of his accomplishments in the bathroom design field, bringing together luxury and wellness with the highest engineering and manufacturing standards.