Complimentary Consultations

Here at HOLLSPA we understand that you might have questions about floating bench styling, space fit, or benchtop customization. Perhaps, you would like to know more about recommended wall framing reinforcements, or want to explore in detail any of the floating bench installation steps.

Below you will find the complimentary consultations that we offer towards the design, fit and installation of our Floating Shower Bench. Together with you - the homeowner, and with your designer, contractor, and stone fabricator, we will materialize your vision, with our Floating Shower Bench in the action center of your wellness retreat!

Book any of these complimentary services at the time most convenient time for you. One of our Floating Shower Bench Designers will be more than glad to assist you, and your design/construction team.

  • Product Style/Design (30 minutes)

    Wondering how the floating bench styling will blend with the design of your bathroom? Here we will guide you on how to select the right bracket finish and benchtop color/material that will seamlessly blend with your current style.

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  • Space Fit Consultation (30 minutes)

    Wanting to make sure the floating bench fits your space or looking for help with the placement of your floating bench into your shower layout? If that is you, book now and we will be glad to help you!

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  • Benchtop Customization Consultation (30 minutes)

    Not finding a benchtop option that fits your color/design story? No worries, we are here to help! We will guide you on how to make the best benchtop decision which fits your design objectives.

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  • Wall Framing Reinforcement Consultation (30 minutes)

    Your wall framing needs to support heavy loads placed on your floating bench. It also needs to prevent excessive movement on the wall tile. We are here to provide you with guidance on wall framing reinforcements behind your floating bench.

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  • Installation Process Consultation (30 minutes)

    Wondering about the sequence of events of installation? Maybe you have questions about the installation process? We are here to help you understand the three simple installation steps of the HOLLSPA floating bench, and how they fit into the overall design and construction process.

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  • Comprehensive Floating Bench Consultation (60 minutes)

    Do you have questions covering several of the above topics? No worries, we completely understand and are here to help! We will answer any styling, space fit, construction timeline, structural support, or custom benchtop questions, all in one call!

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