Renovating your shower?

It can be an amazing opportunity or a daunting task . We love opportunities and would love to create your new sacred space. Where you can feel energized for the day ahead, but also where you will return at the end of the day for a restorative cleansing from the energy of the day.

Decisions can be so overwhelming at times.....

Here at HOLLSPA we offer the Lotus Shower Experience. Crafted to bring together specialized consultations for your new wellness shower retreat.

Need a guiding hand?

We are here to help you with our floating bench design team, together with Davis, to answer your questions! Tap into Davis Holland’s over 30 years of design experience, bathroom construction specialization, universal design, and tile/stone installations.

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  • The Lotus Touch

    Includes the following

    • 30 min Discovery / Space Fit Meeting with one of our Design Team members.

    • 30 min Structural Support Meeting with one of our Design Team members.

    • 60 min Creative Meeting with Davis Holland: Crafting your Lotus Shower Experience.

  • Your Vision Realized

    • An exciting vision for your shower, translated into a 3D-colored, hand-drawn sketch by Davis Holland.

    • Also you will receive detailed list of our recommendations for your project, including selected products, images and links.

Hand Crafted Vision

We will help you craft a vision to elevate your shower wellness experience. The shower space that you will create will energize you for the day ahead, and renew you at the end of each day.

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