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Teak Benchtop

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Our Teak Benchtops are warm and soft to the touch, bringing the ultimate comfort and pleasure to your wellness shower experience. They come gifted with rich colors, and age with grace developing a beautiful silvery patina.

The HOLLSPA Teak Benchtops are offered in small, medium, and large formats, for a perfect fit to your wellness shower retreat of any size. Enjoy your restorative shower experience lounging on one of our superbly crafted solid surface benches!

Handcrafted in the USA. Pair with any HOLLSPA Bench Brackets System, sold separately.



• Made only from certified, sustainably harvested trees.

• Breathable and naturally anti-bacterial, with no chemicals or oils added.

• Eased edges and rounded corners, for a modern look and comfortable seating.

• Simple to clean and maintain, never requiring reconditioning or re-oiling.

• Supports 500 lbs. loads.


• 3cm thickness, Grade A teak, from the naturally oil-rich core of the tree.

• Large size benchtop is ADA compliant.

How To Install

Our benchtops are designed to attach to any of our HOLLSPA Bench Brackets Systems, using the epoxy materials included in the bracket system package.

Our simple 3-step installation process allows the benchtop to be installed at the very end of the construction process, once all the heavy-duty construction activity is finished.

Items in Stock

Lead time on our Teak Benchtop is 4 to 6 weeks. However, we usually keep a small inventory of each size in stock.

To find out the current availability of a specific benchtop size, please message us. We will be glad to check our inventory and promptly provide you this information!


Our Benchtops ship from Maryland with FREE UPS Ground Service within the contiguous US states.

If your benchtop size is not immediately available, we will automatically split the shipment at no charge to you. We will send you the Bench Brackets System or the Step 1 Rough-In Kit right away, and will send you the benchtop as soon as it's ready.