Benchtop Installation

In this final step, you will learn how to permanently secure the benchtop to the brackets, using the epoxies provided with the benchtop installation kit.

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What You Will Need For Step 3

Benchtop Kit Contents

• Benchtop (sold separately)

• 4 Benchtop Spacers (D)

• 2 Epoxy Syringes

• Epoxy Mixing Surface

• Mixing Sticks

• Alcohol Pads

• Emery Cloth

• Nitrile Gloves

• Stainless Steel Wipes

  • Installation Manual

    Here you will find the Step 3: Benchtop Installation section of our Installation Manual.

    Step 3 Manual 
  • Planning Guide

    Here you will find our Planning Guide for Designers and Contractors.

    Planning Guide 
  • Technical Datasheet

    Here you will find our HOLLSPA Floating Bench System's Technical Datasheet.

    Technical Datasheet 
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