Our Patented Brackets System

The HOLLSPA floating bench brackets' system includes a pair of beautiful brackets that appear to freely float in thin air, without any exposed fasteners. Our patented brackets engage into the rough-in framing components which are conveniently hidden from sight behind the wall, resulting in a sleek look that perfectly fits classic or modern bathrooms of any style. They are made of heavy duty #304 stainless steel capable of withstanding unparalleled loads, and present exceptional resistance to wet environments.

  • Classic Series ($900)

    Our pair of Classic Stainless Brackets is our classic offering, designed for the modern wellness retreat bathroom. They are lightly brushed and, in their simplicity, seamlessly coordinate with any chrome, nickel, and stainless finishes in your wellness retreat design.

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  • Matte Series ($1,100)

    Using our pair of Matte Brackets is a fun way to jazz up your shower. So beautiful to see and touch, these elegant brackets are presented in five matte colors especially chosen for the modern wellness retreat bathroom.

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  • Brilliant Series ($1,300)

    Our pair of Brilliant Brackets adds a sophisticated dimension to your shower. Exquisite in their color depth, these elegant brackets are presented in nine colors especially curated for your timeless wellness spa retreat bathroom

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