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The Lotus Wellness Retreat Experience

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No matter how humble or lavish, how tiny or expansive, your new wellness retreat can be a life-change experience for you. Rooted in the healing power of water, our approach will explore the full potential of your new bathroom project.

Take inventory of your wishes and needs, and uncover new possibilities with the guiding hand of Davis Holland. You will leave with a beautiful drawing representing this new vision, and a list of recommendations specially prepared for your project.

Use this service combined with any of our Complimentary Consultations. Participation of your design/construction team is encouraged but optional.

Please note: this package is specially designed for homeowners creating their full bathroom retreat. For a consultation limited to a shower renovation, please select our other package, the Lotus Wellness Shower Experience.


Follow our mindfully written checklist, to take inventory of your wishes and needs for your upcoming Wellness Retreat project. This step will provide critical information to help Davis better understand your requirements.

Consultation with Davis

Join Davis Holland in a journey to discover the full potential of your personal wellness retreat. Tap into Davis' expertise in bathroom renovations, tile and stone installations, and universal accessibility. Learn how to tap into the power of water in your bathroom space to ensure balance, wellbeing and life force energy.

3D-Colored Sketch of Your Wellness Retreat

Davis Holland will translate his vision for your retreat room into a hand-drawn sketch, right in front of your eyes. After meeting Davis, you will receive an electronic copy of this beautiful drawing to inspire you and your team.

Davis' Recommendations List

You will receive a written summary of all recommendations reviewed with Davis Holland for your wellness retreat.

Complimentary Gift

Receive 50% off this package when purchasing together with your HOLLSPA Floating Shower Bench Bracket System.